The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous about telling me something even worse… “Because your diabetes is so advanced, we’ll need to amputate your legs… I’ve scheduled the surgery for this afternoon.” It’s every diabetic’s worst fear: Amputation. “No!” said my wife. “Absolutely not.” “I’m sorry,” the doctor insisted, “We can give him another 10 years to live, but we have to operate immediately.” My daughter started to cry. While my wife argued with the doctor, I got lost in my thoughts. Amputation. And only 10 years to live. I didn’t believe it. The doctor had to be wrong.

How was I going to support my family?

I couldn’t run a restaurant kitchen from a wheelchair!

I would spend my last years crippled and useless.

The future felt like a dark, terrifying path that I didn’t want to go through.

It was like they had ripped away my golden years of retirement, robbed me of my chance to meet my grandchildren, and destroyed the life I’d worked so hard to build. But I’ll get to that in a second.)

Now, all the time I was thinking this, my wife was arguing with the doctor. And trust me, when my wife gets upset, she tends to get what she wants. When I started listening again, she was telling the doctor, “there is no way you’re cutting off his legs today.” “The longest we can wait to amputate is 90 days,” said the doctor. “If we wait any longer, it will be too dangerous.” My wife gave a short little nod like she’d won, but the tears glistening in her eyes told me she was heartbroken.

The next week was the worst week of my life. I sat at home on my couch, scared and depressed. My family treated me like I was already dead. My daughter said “I love you, Daddy” every time she walked by, and my son got mad and wouldn’t talk to me. He didn’t understand why I couldn’t be around forever. I was ready to give up But then, a Facebook post saved me.

My friend shared an article about a powerful solution being distributed by a particular company called Norland. The product was produced base on rogue diabetes researcher by named Roy Taylor shared; He’s a medical doctor and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University.

If you haven’t heard of Newcastle University, it’s in England, and it’s one of the most respected universities in the world, right up there with Harvard or Oxford. Other universities look to Newcastle as a pioneer in health research. Its professors and alumni have received numerous awards and medals for their achievements in science and medicine. More importantly, they’ve saved millions of lives by curing and preventing diseases. And Dr. Taylor fits right in. His research has been published in dozens of medical journals, changing the way we see diabetes. Yale University even tried to hire him, but he felt loyal to Newcastle.

Here’s what Dr. Taylor discovered: fat deposits around the pancreas are the primary cause of the disease.

See, the pancreas produce insulin, the hormone that helps your body absorb blood sugar. That means the pancreas is the organ responsible for keeping your blood glucose levels normal. It’s a precise job – not enough insulin, and your blood sugar will skyrocket. When fat deposits “form” around the pancreas, it throws everything out of whack. That fat squeezes and invades the pancreas, preventing it from producing enough insulin, and increasing your body’s insulin resistance. That means your bloodstream gets less insulin, and the insulin that’s actually there can barely do its job of helping your body absorb blood sugar. Dr. Taylor gave this same solution I am talking about to people with Type 2 Diabetes from all walks of life: men, women, young, old, the newly diagnosed and people who’d had the disease for decades…

The results were amazing.

Everyone who completed the supplement saw the fat deposits around their pancreas disappear, their blood sugar normalizes, and their Type 2 Diabetes reversed. Every single person was able to stop taking their medication. I’ll say that again: all of those that uses it. Remember, these results were peer reviewed in the medical journal Diabetologia, which means other researchers tested them for accuracy with the utmost scrutiny. When I read how successful this was, I was both excited and furious. Excited because now I had hope for the future. And furious because Dr. Taylor talked about this solution several years ago.

“Why wasn’t this the first thing my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?” What he should have said was: “You have this disease, now let’s get rid of it.” Instead, what they actually said was: “You have this disease, let’s put a band aid on the symptoms.” Because that’s what diabetes medication and insulin shots are: “band aid fixes” that only treat the symptoms… …when the root cause of your disease is the fat deposits around your pancreas.

Now, I wasn’t just complaining, I really wanted to know why I’d never heard about this. I’ve gone to the same doctor for 20 years. I trust him. If he knew there was a solution, he would have told me. What I discovered next made my blood boil: The federal government recently charged the diabetes medication manufacturer Sanofi with fraud: Big pharma has been bribing doctors and hospitals to prescribe their diabetes medication. It’s a French company called Sanofi, and they’ve been charged with bribing hospitals and doctors in the U.S. and other part of the world including Nigeria to prescribe Sanofi diabetes medication. I’m talking tens of millions of dollars. Obviously, they couldn’t have bribed every single doctor, but they don’t have to. Just bribing a few is enough to stop the news of this discovery from spreading. So I knew if I wanted to reverse my diabetes, I was on my own.

I started using the supplement that was produced based on Dr. Taylor researched (The exact supplement I want to show you); I tried it out, and it worked… After just 3 months, my blood glucose levels were normal… and I didn’t need insulin injections. I noticed…. If you boost your metabolism, then your disease can’t come back. The solution I am talking also helped me to boost my metabolism so my diabetes doesn’t come back again. Can you imagine how excited I was? With this latest discovery…

I actually reversed my Type 2 Diabetes.

I told my wife and she wept for joy.

Then came the day I’d been dreading: My next appointment with my doctor. He wanted to check how I was doing… And schedule the surgery to amputate my legs. I went to the hospital, they did their tests, and then I waited in the exam room. First, the doctor stuck his head in. “There’s something wrong with the tests.

We’re running them again.” So I waited even longer.

Finally, he came back. “What did you do?” he asked, looking at his clipboard. For a second, I thought he was mad at me. “What did you change?” he asked again. “A new diet?” I told him about jumpstarting my pancreas … with this supplement i want to show you. I told him how Dr Taylor did a research based on the supplement and how it was produced based on his research. “Well,” said the doctor, “that just saved your legs, and your life. “We don’t need to amputate. And as healthy as these tests look, you could live to be a hundred.

“3 months ago you had about the worst case of Type 2 Diabetes I’ve ever seen. And now it’s like you never had it at all. It’s a miracle.”

I want you to imagine what it felt like to hear the doctor say “your diabetes has disappeared.” Suddenly, I had my whole life ahead of me. I would never again have to stick myself with painful insulin needles. I would never again have to feel like a burden to my family and friends. I could go walking down the hill, or to the beach, or on any vacation with my family and not worry about how tired I would get, or what food I could eat. I was finally free.

That evening over a scrumptious dinner, I told my wife everything. “We have to share your secret,” my wife said. Now, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was hopeful the pharmaceutical companies would want to hear me out. I called, and wrote letters for this solution to be publish on the medical journal, but it was no use. Of course they didn’t care.

The pharmaceutical companies make over $245 billon on diabetes every year, and they know exactly how much each one of their customers is worth. I was mad as hell. My wife and I decided to form a group of people who know the truth about the real cause of Type 2 Diabetes, and the secret to jumpstarting your pancreas so you can throw away your medication. We started with friends, family, and neighbours – anyone we knew who suffered from Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. We shared my story, and invited them to try out the exact solution i had used. I couldn’t believe the results…

Everyone who completed the 3 months’ treatment reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. They couldn’t thank us enough. People all over the world are using this solution And it’s working perfectly well. This solution has been saving lives, and giving people hope and optimism about the future. If you’ve gone through this page to this length, then I think you’re ready to be part of this exclusive group of people. I want you to have your very own bottle(s) of this powerful solution. I want you to be one of the few who knows how to Destroy Your Type 2 Diabetes…

Here is the powerful diabetes destroyer and blood sugar normalizer product (supplement) I’ve been talking about…


Norland HealthWay Capsules and Kuding Tea

Norland HealthWay Capsules is very effective in managing diabetes.



Lower blood sugar and cholesterol level

Stimulate your pancreas to release more 1nsulin

Increases the rate of 1nsulin production in the body

Helps the 1nsulin work better

Releases more glucose into the urine

Reduces the amount of glucose your liver produces

Clears out all the symptoms of diabetes you have been observing

Helps in normalizing harmful free radicals

It enhance protein metabolism and it also help to eliminate fatigue, weakness and depression

It works by smooth sugar lowering, activation of islets, regulates/stabilizes blood sugar (high and low) and prevents complications. You can see the ingredient and other useful information on the bottle of the product once you get yours. Main Ingredients: Chinese wolfberry extractive, ginseng extract, chromium yeast, selenium yeast, zink lactate, salad oil, beeswax, soybean lecithin, gelatin, glycertin, purified water, titanium dioxide, and egg yoke pigmentation (mountain lemon yellow, sunset yellow and sodium chloride)

Symbolic Ingredients and Contents: Each 100g contains Chrome 14.1mg, crude polysaccharide 160mg

Health Function: Assist in regulating blood glucose level

Suitable for: People with high blood glucose

Unsuitable for: Children

Usage and Dosage: 1 capsule once a day per, 30 mins before breakfast Specification: 800mg/capsule

Shelf life: 24 months

Production and Expiration Date: On container

Storage Method: Sealed and kept in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Precautions: This product cannot replace the medicine; nutrients are added in the products, and it is advised not to exceed recommended dosage if taking with similar nutrients; not applicable to people living in areas with high content of selenium.

– What This means is, if you are using insulin or any diabetes medication given to you by your doctor, you are advise to keep using it. Once you start seeing changes. you can decide to inform your doctor about it.


Health Benefits Of Kuding Tea

Kuding Tea Given the rich history of this herb, we’ll look into the health benefits of POWER LIFE

Kuding Tea. You might apply this herb when the following is observed: Diabetes or high blood sugar Excessive heat, High blood pressure, Headache, Red eyes, Tooth ache, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Diarrhea, Dizziness, Acne

Kuding Tea : Taste and aftermath. This real herbs when provided, generally the consumer is instructed to cook it in hot water for several minutes. This results is a highly concentrated medicinal beverage that generally tastes very bitter. In the non-medical world, kudding tea is often consumed as a tea in China. The effect is therefore much lighter, and therefore is generally considered safe for long-term drinking without consulting a doctor. In addition, the after taste is more pleasant and often described as slightly sweet and refreshing.

kuding Tea Benefits Research

*Skin & Aging In a recent study scientist have concluded that polyphones in Kudding tea can protect skin cells, collagen and elastin, thereby preventing skin damage. *Weight loss: Researchers found that kudding tea oppressed weight gain. This suggests that kudding tea can be an ingredient in anti-obesity drugs. They believe that this effect isn’t the result of changes in appetite, but an increase in energy expenditure.

*Kuding Tea and Liver: Research has shown that Kuding tea polysaccharides can be beneficial for the liver. It can alleviate liver injury and vascular endothelial dysfunction.

*Kuding Tea and Ulcer: Recent study shows that kuding has preventive effects against stomach injuries because of the polyphenols present.

*Diabetes, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Kuding tea contains beneficial components including amino acids, polyphenols, flavonoids, zinc and several vitamins. Kuding cha is know for the following saying(jiang san gao), which literally means ‘reduce three high’. This refers to the fact that this herb can help reduce high blood sugar (diabetes), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Nafdac RegNo: A7-2902

Manufacturer: Beijing North Continent Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: No 9, Ziguang East Road, Badaling Industrial Development Zone, Yanqing County, Beijing

Food Hygiene License: (JSY) WSZZi (2006) NO. 110000-JS0167 – This shows its has gone through international standard!

Place of Origin: Yanqing, Beijing, China

All these details about the products shows its of international standard. its not like any of those products you see. this one is known for its effectiveness.


Norland HealthWay Capsules and Kuding Tea helps to Restores the function of the pancreas to secrete insulin. Reduces blood sugar level. Very potent and very effective supplement.

You can see the ingredient and other useful information on the bottle of the product once you get yours.

How To Use The Healthway Capsule and Kuding Tea

Healthway Capsule: It contacts 30 capsules which you’re expected to take 1 capsules daily. For NO REASON SHOULD YOU TAKE MORE THAN 1 capsules daily.

Kuding Tea: it contains 20 sachets of Tea which you’re expected to take 1 sachet daily.


Let me show you what people I’ve already helped have said about this Norland HealthWay Capsules.

Testimony 1. Dr. Peter from VGC, Lagos State who said… “Your Norland HealthWay Capsules & Kuding Tea is simply the very best solution to my diabetes, and you had the science to back it up. I thought I’d be stuck with Type 2 diabetes forever. But now I’ve been diabetes-free almost 8 months. My doctor was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t needed an insulin shot for weeks. He had to test my blood sugar himself to believe it. Your Product “Norland HealthWay Capsules & Kuding Tea even helped to jumpstart my pancreas and reverse my diabetes in just 90 days of using it, Thank you so much Mr James.!”


And Esther from Sun Centre in Abuja, who said… “I felt overwhelmed by my diabetes. I was always tired at work, and I couldn’t keep up with my kids anymore! Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me feel exhausted. Diabetes made me feel like a prisoner in my own life.I’m so glad I found this scientifically proven supplement to reverse my Type 2 diabetes. It’s not untested, junk science. It’s a proven, practical medication to jumpstart your pancreas and get your body to regulate your blood sugar again. I’m living proof that it works… I haven’t needed diabetes medication for over 6 months! Everybody with Type 2 diabetes needs to get this powerful remedy now, so they can reverse their diabetes in just a few weeks.”


Another great testimony from Charlotte in Kaduna. She said: “The Norland HealthWay Capsules & Kuding Tea saved my life! My disease was getting worse and worse. And it seemed like my diabetes medication wasn’t doing anything. My neuropathy was the worst part. I always had a painful tingling in my hands – it made everyday life so difficult! knew I had to make a change. That’s when I found the Norland Health capsules & Kuding Tea. I followed the dosage to jumpstart my pancreas, and all of a sudden my neuropathy disappeared, and I had the energy I needed again. I went back to my doctor a few weeks later, and he was shocked at how healthy I was. I haven’t needed my diabetes medication for months!”


And, greater testimony from Kelly in Sacramento, California said: “I’ve had Type-2 Diabetes for years. I was constantly worried about my blood sugar levels. I never had any energy, and I always had to be careful what I ate. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my diabetes under control. I felt trapped, and I felt like a burden on my family. But then I used the Norland Health capsules & Kuding Tea to jumpstart my pancreas so as to reverse my diabetes, and now my family can barely keep up with me. I’m eating my favorite foods, and doing the things I love. Your supplement gave me a life back. Thank you for saving my life!”


And Sarah from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State who said… “I was testing my blood sugar 9 or 10 times every day. I injected insulin so often I felt like a pincushion. You know your diabetes is bad when you develop calluses too thick to draw blood through! I felt chained to my refrigerator, where I kept my insulin. Just the thought of vacation, or even a day on the town, made me anxious about making sure I could get to my insulin when I needed it. Diabetes was stealing my happiness. Since I’ve discovered your supplement “Norland Health capsules & Kuding Tea”, everything is better. I stopped just managing my symptoms, and started naturally jumpstarting my pancreas. In just two months, I was down to needing just 1 insulin shot per day. Three month using the supplement, I used the last insulin shot I ever needed. Since then, I’ve been diabetes free. Thank you for taking away my anxiety and letting me feel happy again!”


Now that you’ve seen how it worked for them, I want you to see what it’ll do for you.


Your 1st Month with Norland HealthWay Capsules and Kuding Tea: A lot of people say they have more energy on the very first day. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested than you have in years. This month, as you test your blood glucose levels, you’ll notice that number getting closer and closer to where it should be.

Your 2nd Month with Norland HealthWay Capsules: A week from today, you’ll realize you’ve needed fewer insulin injections. As you start into your second month with this solution, you’ll discover that it feels like there are more hours in the day, and you’re getting more done. The truth is, you’re so used to being exhausted all the time, that suddenly having energy feels fantastic. If you suffer from painful, tingling neuropathy, you should notice that starting to disappear around the end of the second month.

Your 3rd Month with Norland HealthWay Capsules: Over the next couple weeks, as you finish the Norland Health capsules, your pancreas will kick back into gear, and your body will remember how to absorb insulin. Your blood glucose will stay at a healthy, normal level. You’ll be able to stop taking insulin injections. You’ll be able to talk to your doctor, and see the surprised look on his face just like I saw on my doctor’s face when he saw my Type 2 Diabetes was gone.

If you start today, then less than 3 months from today you could be free to enjoy life, and never again worry about diabetes-related early death or amputation. If that sounds as amazing to you as it has to thousands of other people, then don’t hesitate any longer… Now, to be clear, I don’t recommend anyone stop taking their medication. Instead, it’s best to naturally jumpstart your pancreas, naturally lowering your blood sugar, until your doctor is glad to cancel your prescriptions. I’m not against all medications. For some diseases, medications are the only known path to healing.


But Type 2 Diabetes is not one of those diseases. Your medication only helps with the symptoms. And once you jumpstart your pancreas to fix the real cause of your disease, you won’t have symptoms anymore, and you can work with your doctor to say “goodbye” to annoying, expensive diabetes medicines forever.


You know, I’d love to give this away free, like I did to the first few friends I helped. I’d love to help every single person who has found themselves trapped in the shackles of Type 2 Diabetes suddenly jumpstart their pancreas and have their diabetes reversed. And if I had all the money in the world to fund this myself, I would. But the reality is… We’re up against some pretty big forces here. I told you how the big pharmaceutical companies make $245 billion a year on treating diabetes. They have all the money they need to practically bury anything we do to share this message with the world.


So I need your help, in the form of giving me a fair price for this solution that could radically change your life for the better. It I deduct the cost of shipping from China to USA where it was sent for FDA Approval, the cost of shipping to Nigeria, NAFDAC Clearance and Custom Duties clearance, the cost of even delivering to your home, and other basic expense, I’ll say the below prices are certainly a fair price, compared to even the monthly cost of insulin and other diabetic medications.


I could tell you it’s worth 100,000 Naira. And it probably is, since it’ll save you 100,000 Naira on medical costs every year. My wife and I could get rich, maybe, if we charged that much for it. (Big pharma may be comfortable charging you 100,000 Naira to put a Band-Aid on your diabetes, but I’m not that kind of person). I may be a chef, but I’m just a regular guy. I don’t want to stiff you on this. I want you to feel like you’re getting way more value than the little investment you make. And so I think that these prices are just perfect and considerate so you get some serious savings, and you help us spread this message even wider. Take a second and imagine what it’ll be like to finally be able to throw away your diabetes medication and feel in control of your life again. It’s time to be free of Type 2 Diabetes.


Here is The Cost of the Norland HealthWay Capsules and Kuding Tea …

1 Month Treatment: (1 HW & 1 KD) = 30,000 Naira



2 Months Treatment: (2 HW & 1 KD) = 50,000 Naira




3 Months Treatment: (3 HW & 1 KD) = 70,000 Naira


The Most Recommended Treatment Is The Complete Bottles which is 3 healthway & 1 Kuding Tea. kindly go for 3, its cheaper and most effective.



The price you have seen given for this product is actually a Promo Price. Just to get this across to everyone. If you should close this page and come back, you may not see this product again. The Time which the promo will expire is counting below so hurry up and place your order.

To Receive Your Product and Pay For It

Though, I will advice you to receive the product fast so you can start using it. This will enable you to start seeing result faster. I wonder why you would want to delay when you see this kind of solution. I was skeptic too but i took action immediately and thats why i am sharing this testimony with you. I know as human, we are filled with doubt but let try to act upon any situation faster before it gets worsen. So my brother and sister, I will say… go for it. if you can buy for others, try to do so. There’s always a reward for our good did.

Before You Go Ahead and Order, Please Note:

Please do not order if you don’t have cash ready to receive it ASAP

Do not order if you did not understand this article you just read

Do not order for someone except you inform them or they asked you to do so

Do not order if you do not pick calls from new callers

Do not order if you are a doubting Thomas

Do not miss this opportnity as we have few units left and the demand just as you can see is much because it works as described

You can not get this proudct elsewhere and we do not intend bringing more in because we are not distributing to make profit but to help more people achieve a life free of blood sugar complication

After Today you may never come across this again, so i will suggest you grab this opportunity of a lifetime with both hands

If you have any verification to do or you want to ask your doctor kindly do so before you place your order


Here’s How To Place Your Order

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